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Lexica™ Word Finder is a word search utility, with intuitive, simple ways to search for words allowed in Hasbro, Inc.’s Scrabble® word game that use (1) the three word lists for Scrabble tournament play around the world: SOWPODS (267,751 words) and its two revisions, CSW12 (270,163 words) and CSW15 (276,663 words); (2) the three word lists for Scrabble tournament play in the United States, Canada, Israel and Thailand: OTCWL2006, also called OWL2 (178,691 words), OTCWL2016, also called OWL3 (188,738 words) and OTCWL2018, also called OWL4 (192,111 words); and (3) the two Scrabble word lists for students, SSWL2016 (188,273 words) and SSWL2018 (191,520 words). Switching between the eight word lists is a snap! Search for words based on the letters in the beginning, end, or anywhere within the words; or use the powerful pattern match search to find all words containing the letters on your rack. You can even specify one or more letters already on the board and Lexica will provide all the words that can be added on to it using your letters.

You can sort the search results alphabetically, by word length, or by word score, ascending or descending.

Lexica provides several customization options to suit your preferences. Choose whether to show word scores, show word definitions, and more. Lexica's detailed help will help you unleash all of its capabilities.

Watch your average word score and win rate increase with Lexica! There are no annoying ads in Lexica, but ads may be shown by the online dictionary provider.

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