Link Sisters: Shorten and Unshorten URL

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Introducing, cute and clever, Link Sisters!
Unshorten and Shorten are sisters who travel in the Internet world. Just like the real world, we need a particular web address to get to the destination to which we would like to reach. However, some lengthy URLs make it difficult to be legible and easy to share. Shorten, the clever younger sister, can make this job a lot easier for you by creating a shortened URL, while Unshorten, the older sister, can help you retrieve long links from short links in various web sources including apps, music albums, and books.

Unshorten - the elder sister
- changes compressed addresses to full ones
- detects a link in text
- collaborative with Shorten
- detects album,books, app links
- lets you know app prices when possible
- lets you set preferred countries for app prices: when you give her an app link, she displays the prices of the countries you have specified
- has Action Buttons: the result link can be open in your web-browser, copied in Clipboard, passed to Shorten

Shorten - the younger sister
* requires your URL Shortener service API Key
- makes a short link from your link address
- detects a link in text
- collaborative with Unshorten
- supports: Bitly, tinyURL and Google URL Shortener
- has Action Buttons: the result link can be open in your web-browser, copied in Clipboard, passed to Unshorten

Token Selector(Option for developers and marketers)
- Appending your tokens(URL parameters, variables etc) to your link
- Saving your favorite tokens
- URL Restriction: appending tokens only when a link contains your text.

Responsive window size
- the application can be small or big with various sizes
- Full Screen mode
- Split View (OS X 10.11 and later versions)

System Integrated Help Document - Get Your Answers Fast!
- Easy access from the application
- Introduction of the two sisters
- Document TOC navigation sidebar
- Document search
- Link from A to B page
- Responsive pages: read the help wider and bigger (Command +, - )

** Internet Connection is necessary to properly function

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