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macProVideo Player is a Tutorial-Video Player that lets you Download & Stream HD Tutorials from

Main Features:
• Access your purchased courses and download them to your Mac for offline playback
• Get super quick access to the latest macProVideo tutorials, or
• Use the simple but powerful search feature to find what you need
• If you are a paid subscriber to macProVideo's Online Tutorial Library, you have unrestricted access to our library of tutorial-videos

About macProVideo:
macProVideo is the world's largest dedicated Mac Software Tutorial Website. With over 900 Video Courses and more than 30,000 videos available on-demand, macProVideo is your one-stop-shop for Pro-Level software education.

Featuring some of the multimedia industry's best educators, you will learn software skills from Grammy & Emmy Award Ainning audio producers, experienced video editors and directors, software developers, and best-selling technical authors.

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