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MacRapidizer is an All-in-One Optimization suite for your MAC. Compatible with Mac 10.10 (Mac OS X) & above, MacRapidizer can complete cumbersome tasks at the blink of an eye.

MacRapidizer provides you with the ability to manually pause, resume or close CPU Consuming Apps, Memory Consuming Apps & High Battery Consuming Apps.

Features like Junk & Temporary File Removal, iTunes Backup(s) Manager, App leftover Removal, customized Scanning and Removal of duplicate & large files and a lot more to discover, you can now recover large chunks of valuable drive space.

You can also clear your online footprints by safely removing browser cache, junk & history. You can also easily get rid of the unwanted browser add-ons and extensions.

Features – Free Version

1. User Friendly Interface for Ease of Use.
2. Dashboard for a quick system overview.
3. Pause/Resume or Close
a. CPU Consuming Apps.
b. Memory Consuming Apps.
c. Battery Consuming Apps.

4. Space Management:
a. Customized Scan and Selective Deletion of Duplicate Music, Picture, Video, Archives, Document & other files.
b. Customized Scan and Selective Deletion of Large Music, Picture, Video, Archives, Document & other files.

5. Browser Cleaning
a. Remove Browser History.
b. Delete Browser Cache to Save Drive Space.
c. Delete Internet cookies from your Mac.

6. Check the Real Time System Memory Statistics
6. Battery Analyzer to check Live Battery Statistics with Battery Health
7. Dark Mode Support for OS X Mojave

Advanced Features – Premium (Paid) Version

1. View and delete iTunes Backup(s) to recover drive space.
2. Mail Cleanup to remove locally downloaded Junk, Spam, Trash & Email Attachments
3. App Remover to remove unnecessary apps from your MAC
4. Remove Unwanted Browser Extensions & Add-Ons
5. Manage System Startup Apps, Background Services & Daemons (Installed by Third Party Apps) to Reduce Startup Time
6. Enable Power Saver Mode
7. Automatic Cleanup Scheduler – Schedule & Customize Cleaning as per your requirements.

MacRapidizer is a useful tool to keep your Mac Up & Running Always.

Disclaimer: We acknowledge that Apple INC is the sole owner of the “Mac” trademark and that we will not interfere with Apple’s use or registration of “Mac” alone or in combination with other words.

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