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Create your original map!

Map Editor is a drawer of illustrated maps.
You can make your original map,,,
to tell your friends of the next BBQ place,
to tell your colleagues the restaurant for welcome and goodbye party,
to tell people of your shop in free market
to tell your fan of your next street live, etc.

Today, sending an URL of map via mail is very easy.
But, drawing your original map may be fun and you can make it
more impressive and more understandable.

Place some streets, railways and rivers on the canvas.
Then place some landmarks on the map.
From the objects panel of Map Editor, you may choose and drag road signs, buildings and other misc illustrations or text labels.

You may paste your own graphic files too. Just drag a graphic file from Finder app or an image displayed on the other apps and drop it over the canvas.

You may easily clip the editing map image to clipboard so that you can paste it on any other apps.
Also, you may export the the map image to common graphic files such as tiff, png, jpeg, bmp and PDF.


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