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Market Watch is a simple app to go through basic Stock Exchange figures of companies. It will give you basic market insights and individual company portfolios, laid out on a intuitive interface. All the data, figures and index values get constantly updated in real time that makes it ideal for track stock market.

Market Watch gives information in multiple languages, based on system's location and preferred language.

• Simple app UI with basic app operations.
• Find companies by using the Search bar.
• Historic data upto the year when the company started IPO.
• View historic data of a specific time period.
• Quickly open app from Status menu bar.
• Get localized data as per system's Language and Region settings.

Fundamental Stock Exchange data:
• Historic data upto one year with easy to understand line graphs.
• Index value.
• Net change.
• Opening price.
• Closing price.
• Market capital.
• Market value per share (P/E Ratio).
• Dividend yield.
• Previous day close.
• Market open and closing time.

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