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MathHelfer is a small util developed to help write science article in an efficient and convenient way because it can instantly insert LaTeX math and equations in document and generate PDF file as output by its builtin math render engine which provides a quick way to convert mathematical expression to image. MathHelfer is a lightweight word processor aka rich text editor that not only can handle LaTeX math and equations but also can deal with common style and format tasks required by a normal word processor.

1. Generate image from LaTeX formula quickly.
2. Insert common images into current editing document by dragging from Finder.
3. Adjust image position by simply dragging and layout text around image automatically, image type includes the images of math expression or common images.
4. Save the generated image of math expression to disk.
5. Support insert table and hyperlink in the editing document.
6. Builtin pagination automatically just like in Office Word.
7. Builtin word processor features, such as title, heading, bulletin, font, paragraph style and colour.
8. Save document as PDF file or print as paper.
9. Open, Paste and Save rich text file format such as RTF, Office Word or HTML file.
10. Ultra lightweight.

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