Max & the Magic Marker HD

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*** Winner of Independent Games Festival (IGF) 2010 - Vision Award ***

A super creative puzzle platformer!

Welcome to Max & the Magic Marker, an award-winning physics-based puzzle platformer that plays like a classic - but with a twist!
You have a magic marker that enables you to draw and manipulate the gameworld.

Master Max’s extraordinary talent through:

-58 awesome levels
-3 unique worlds
-Challenging puzzles
-Lots of achievements

Collect ink and golden spheres, and if you’re feeling keen, find each elusive black sphere. Overcome the obstacles as quick as you can, and find a way to the evil monster who wants to damage Max's drawings.

One day Max gets a mysterious marker in the mail. The first thing he draws is a monster. As soon as the pen leaves the paper, the monster comes to life and jumps into another drawing. Oh no, it must be stopped! Max draws himself onto the page and the chase begins.

"10/10 Fantastic" - AppStoreArcade

"Not in the slightest bit sketchy, Max and the Magic Marker gives you a light hand in level design that results in something of a platforming gem."
-Keith Andrew (PocketGamer)

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