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Do you need that wonderful photo you used in your Pages document you made?
Do you need that great video you inserted in your Keynote slideshow?
Do you need those images you added in your Numbers spreadsheet?

MediaExtractor is a simple application designed to deal with these issues.

MediaExtractor let you extract all the media files you added to your iWork documents with a simple drag & drop.

How does it work? First you have to open the iWork document with MediaExtractor, or drag the iWork document to the MediaExtractor app icon, or open the document using the proper menu within MediaExtractor.

Then you can just drag the files you need from the app browser to wherever you want.
That's all.

And more updates are coming!
- a nice preview of the file you selected, so you can be certain that the file you are about to drag is the right one
- and more features you suggest!

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