Mika "Dumper" Spin - dump truck games for kids

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Start the engine, put on your helmet, and go full speed ahead toward adventures!

Mika «Dumper» Spin is a builder truck-driving simulator game for children aged 3-6!

A big construction project is starting. We have received many bricks. We have a problem, however, because there's nobody to take them to the construction site. Let's help! Go ahead, load the colorful blocks in the truck bed, start the engine, and we'll fly down the road. We'll encounter interesting construction sites such as a bridge, airplane, castle, and ship. Our task is to bring the blocks and set them up at the appropriate places. Just drag to either side, press the buttons, and your little truck will take off on its mission.

Simple controls: touch and pull in any direction and the truck drives.
Truck functions: raise and lower body, blow the horn, turn on the light, and rev the engine while blowing the horn.
No rules - play however you want.
You can ride as much as you want.
Simple interface for children.

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