mimic mind - memory training

发行商: Dr. Amer Dagustany
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Play on any iOS Device, on your Apple Watch and now even on you Mac!

+ Play also on iOS Devices and Apple Watch !

***Exercise your memory while having fun at the same time and enjoy the automatically changing color themes, which delight your mood and alternately stimulate and calm down your brain.***

mimic mind lets you play instantly, no matter where you are or what you are doing at the moment.
It is the perfect way to calm down when traveling or simply at home.

It's simple:
Watch the sequence of glowing boxes and mimic them afterwards. Every round a new box will be added to the sequence...
For how long can you stay mimic mind ?

Increase your score and compete your friends on iPhone, iPad, even on your wrist with Apple Watch and now also on your Mac.

Download now and enjoy playing !

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