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From the creators of Puzzle Trains…


Minimonsterland is in trouble! The final phase of the jewel tournament has begun!

Choose your favorite monster and help him overcome all difficulties in this awesome Candy / Jewel / Match3 multiplayer game. Empower your monster in the fight with the jewels you collect and defeat your opponent without mercy. The monster you fight and defeat will join you in your fight to conquer Minimonsterland with your army!

Minimonsters is a multiplayer oriented candy / jewel game. Practice offline to raise your skills and play online against your friends or random opponents and conquer their monsters! No horrible multiplayer setups, just push a button and you are playing. Each time you defeat an opponent in multiplayer mode, you will unlock his minimonster… but… don’t let them copy yours! Your monster is yours and only yours!

*** FEATURES ***

- Three game modes (practice, random multiplayer and play with friends).
- 150 different unlockable monsters, each one with a distinctive 3D aspect and incredibly cute!
- 8 different scenarios to conquer!
- Several combos and abilities to use in the fight to destroy the other monster!
- Very easy to learn, hard to master!
- Many hours of fun!
- Absolutely free. No purchases inside the app, no pay to win. Just your monster and you!
- Jewel / Candy / Match3 oriented gameplay.

*** CONTACT US ***

Have a suggestion? A question? A bug?
Please, contact us at:

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