Moped Text Editor

发行商: Roberto Machorro
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A general purpose text editor, small and light. Free and Open Source.

If you come from the Windows world, you may be missing a small utility: Notepad, a simple but essential tool for editing plain text files. While macOS counts on its own built-in text editor: TextEdit, it is actually more like a Rich Text Editor with full images, fonts and layout support. Similar to the built-in Windows Write or WordPad.

It kind of feels heavier than it should and in the way. There are known settings to make it look and feel lighter, but inside it's still the same. You can get the source and peek inside. It's bigger and with older code than it needs to be.

Moped intends on feeling like Notepad, while being a full native of macOS, with a touch of modern syntax highlight and themes.

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