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Mouse Shaker

发行商: Clement Rousseau
价格: 3.99 USD


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Are you working over a remote session? Mouse Shaker will help keep your session active while you are busy doing something else next to your computer.

Just want to listen to music, play a game or download a file without your computer to go to sleep? Once again, Mouse Shaker's Zen mode will keep your Mac well awake so you can keep doing what you enjoy the most.

Just an icon located in your menu bar with 3 modes:
- Default: moves the cursor
- Click: moves the cursor and left-click
- Zen: keeps your session active without moving the cursor

You can also choose for how long you want Mouse Shaker to simulate activity. When the time is up, it will automatically stop and let your computer go to sleep.

**Having issues?**: If you encounter any issue, please let us know and shoot us an email (it's harder for us to monitor the reviews). We try to be really responsive and we want Mouse Shake to work for everyone, so we won't let go until it's working for you :D!

** Notes **:
- The app is not working when the Macbook lid is closed
- Some chat apps require the cursor to move to stay active so Zen mode won't work, but the default mode will.
- Make sure you keep a watch on your computer when the tool is activated so your session is not at risk.

- Logo made by Freepik from"
- Infinite Time icon made by Pixel perfect from"


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