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Convert and encode audio to MP3

Convert wma, wav, cds, aiff, mpeg, avi and more to MP3 files.

Main Features
1.Convert or compress MP3 files quickly and easily
2.Universal audio converter supporting all popular formats
3.Change bitrate, format or size of MP3 files
4.Batch audio conversion to convert thousands of files
5.iTunes Integration
Export supported encoded files directly to your iTunes library. Even create custom iTunes playlists based on the track's metadata!
6.Tag Editor
MP3 Converter can also edit the metadata of existing audio files without re-encoding, functioning as a basic tag editor!

Other Features
Automatically normalize audio levels while MP3 converting
MP3 Music ID3 tags preserved for supporting formats
Import multiple file formats then convert to MP3
Play audio tracks prior to MP3 conversion
Extract MP3 files from imported videos
Batch convert thousands of MP3s at once
Optimized CPU usage for fast MP3 conversion times
Supports play back for previewing


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