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Net Drive Status app is an utility that runs in the background on the Mac OS X status bar and visually reports the presence of a specified network drive location. If the network drive is available a green icon is displayed, otherwise a red icon will be shown.

Handy if you need immediate feedback whether your network drive or even USB drive is properly accessible. This prevents problem when launching your favorites application if your external resource is not available. May also be used in combination with an iTunes library on a network volume, it will then warn you when your iTunes library is not available so that you can prevent iTunes, by not starting it, from automatically changing to the default, local, library location.

- immediate visual feedback of network drive availability
- folder watcher: can also be used to check USB drives as well as local files on your Mac
- you can set the application to automatically start at login via Preferences panel
- use of Mac Notification Center (enable it in application preferences)
- smart notification system prevents unnecessary notifications (i.e. when network drive not available for just a few seconds)
- zero energy impact

Please, feel free to contact me for reporting bugs, improvements requests or for any other relevant information about this application.

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