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Wealth Strategy: Track Your Net Worth
Watching over time how your net worth changes is a powerful motivator and true gauge of your progress in building wealth.

Track your net worth using your own custom asset and liability categories. Apply your own tags to categories. Supports assets and liabilities held in foreign currencies.

Net Worth is the most important number in your personal finance. Tracking your Net Worth gives you the most accurate picture of your complete financial health.

Are you tired of using money management software that requires you to track all your transactions? Categorizing all of your spending transactions manually isn't a good use of your time. It is just a lot of work to get a picture of your month-to-month money flow. Use net worth tracking instead.

Why you should be using net worth tracking software:

● See where you are now and where you are going financially.
● Make adjustments - It forces you to interact with your financial life. Your net worth can change, but only if you take action.
Your everyday financial decisions need to be ones that promote increasing assets and decreasing liabilities.
● Track your progress over time - tracking net worth can be a great source of motivation.
It forces you to set mental goals in an effort to push yourself to keep the overall number moving in the right direction.
● Net worth can be important when applying for a loan.
Since net worth is the best measure of overall financial strength, lenders are often interested in knowing what it is in determining whether or not they will approve you for a loan.
● Tracking your net worth is fast, stress-free money management made simple.

Tracking your net worth is like giving yourself a grade every month and helps keep your spending/savings for the month accountable.
Determining your net worth is more than coming up with a number. It’s also a benchmark for gauging whether or not your assets are increasing over time. If you’re moving in a positive direction, great. However, if your net worth is only holding steady or declining, you’ll want to identify the causes and take action.

• Custom asset and liability categories.
• Support for categories held in foreign currencies.
• Depreciable categories.
• Custom, colored category tags.
• Quick and simple data entry.
• Pre-populated values from the previous months' entry.
• Track individual asset or liability categories.
• Multiple charts: net worth, total assets/liabilities, individual asset/liability category, tags.
• Pie charts showing a distribution of your asset/liability categories (% or amount).
• Tap on any chart point to see its information and/or edit that record.
• Compare net worth records from different periods.
• Compare your net worth to mean and median net worth in other countries.
• Compare your net worth to US mean and median net worth depending on income, age, and education.
• Display bar chart of your annual net worth and estimated net worth for future years based on the trend from previous ones.
• Set your net worth goal and see it in your charts.
• Password protection (optional).
• Multiple printable reports: net worth statement, assets, liabilities, tag-based reports.
• Copy any chart as an image to your clipboard or print it.
• Backup all your data to a file.
• Restore your data from a file.
• Export your data to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that lets you import it to MS Excel or Numbers.
• Setup monthly reminders so you don't forget to log your next month's net worth.

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