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The OLM File Converter has the ability to quickly and accurately convert your Outlook:mac data file (.olm) contents to Apple Mail, Address Book and Calendar formats. This app will easily do its job not just flawless, but within minutes, taking care of your items during the conversion, making sure that NOTHING is lost, modified or corrupted in any way!

Fast and efficient OLM File Converter:

* Convert / Export your Mails from OLM files to standard .mbox file format. You can import these mbox files into Apple Mail, Thunderbird and other mbox compatible email client applications.

* Convert / Export your Contacts from OLM files to .vcf file format. You can easily import this vcf file into Apple Address Book, Thunderbird/Postbox or other applications.

* Convert / Export your Calendar events from OLM files to standard .ics file format. You can easily import this ics file into iCal or other applications.

Some salient feautres:
* Easy to use
* Batch add multiple OLM files and convert/export all emails/contacts/calendar in one click.
* Supports converting BIG (any file size) OLM files.
* Supports all languages used world-wide.
* Reliable and Fast

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