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Introducing Orbits

Orbits is a powerful educational application that allows you to become an astronomer right from your Mac. Fully scientifically accurate and easy to use, Orbits can be used by both professionals, and people willing to learn. Orbits is a simulator of Solar System celestial objects and their positions. Using the study of astrophysics and astrodynamics, Orbits simulates planetary orbits and provides you with a view of the Solar Systems planets as well as other possible objects. Orbits is full of exciting functionality, features intuitive controls and has an easy to use, simple user interface.


⁕ Accurate 2D and 3D simulations, drawings and overviews of the object's orbits in the Solar System
⁕ 8 main planet's orbits in the Solar System pre-added and ready to explore
⁕ Graphing/Plotting of the object's/planet's position on a specific date
⁕ Ability to add any another celestial object in the Solar System for simulation, orbit tracing and planet position graphing
⁕ Animations of multiple planet's orbiting starting at a specific date
⁕ Convenient color key to differentiate between planets
⁕ Many additional scientific data on the 8 major planets in the Solar System
⁕ And more!


Since questions may arise regarding the accuracy of this program, if there are doubts, users are encouraged to research planetary orbits online to make sure for themselves Orbits is scientifically and mathematically accurate. If there are questions, flows or suggestions to be reported, please mention them in the reviews. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Download Orbits today and start learning and exploring!

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