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OST To PST Converter Pro

发行商: Gladwev Software Private Limited
价格: 25.99 USD


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"OST to PST Converter Pro" is an efficient application for Mac OS platform by Gladwev Software to convert your Outlook offline data files called OST file to a more accessible format called PST. It is feature-packed OST to PST converter for Mac, with a simple interface that will make this task quick and safe. Unlike other tools for OST to PST conversion in this category, this one by Gladwev works by thoroughly processing all the information in OST without exception, leaving no room for integrity errors or any gaps in your data. It is also calibrated to retain the structure of all the folders and other items.

"OST to PST Converter Pro" is not only for converting emails but also posts, calendars, appointments, meetings, reminders, contacts, tasks, task requests, journals, and notes. The adaptive algorithms work all the way through the files in layers and ensure nothing is skipped. Other casual converters would often bypass certain components or metadata during conversion, which is one of the biggest concerns regarding the task. Now you can free of such worries altogether and be completely confident knowing all the crucial emails and associated contents are properly handled.
It is a feature-packed application that works directly on your Mac OS. Below is the list of its unique but immensely helpful features, showing you all the ways how it can work for you in an efficient way:
- Converts not just emails but all other associated contents from data files called OST, such as contacts, calendars, notes, lists, and more.
- Works smoothly even with massive OST files, no size limit.
- OST to PST Converter Pro works with the Mac version, which you can import to Outlook Mac 2011, 2016, 2019, and Office 365.
- Optimized mechanics to retain the folder structure fully. All the folders will remain in their original place within the hierarchy.
- Properly converts OST to PST files along with the graphics, attachments, text formatting, email headers, links, and all other details.
- Native Unicode text conversion support, ensuring text from all languages (encoded by Unicode) is safely converted to PST. This also includes text from headers (to, from, subject, etc.).
- Much faster conversion than other contemporary Mac OST to PST converters, even of large OST files, without making any trade-offs with the performance and accuracy.

If you do not have any experience with OST to PST conversion, and most do not, you might be concerned if you can interact with the app on your own and use its full potential to convert Outlook OST to PST efficiently. You might be thrilled to know that you are getting a simple user-interface that appeals to users within the whole range of skillset and experience. The design and layout of the UI screen are such that you can interact with the advanced features it has to offer without making you go in circles or even go through any learning curve. It works with simplicity right off the bat, both for the more experienced or tech-savvy and basic users.

Furthermore, with Gladwev Software, you also get:
- Technical support by email as well as chat available all the time throughout day or night
- Updates to the tool are always free for lifetime

Converting OST to PST files on Mac is now perfectly doable and efficient task by anyone. "OST to PST Converter Pro" gives you a streamlined experience for converting the files in your Mac OS X, while also handling data integrity with precision.


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