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OX Drive is an extension to OX App Suite and only works if you have a valid OX App Suite account.

The OX Drive app lets your store and share your photos, files, documents and videos, anytime, anywhere. Access any files you save to OX Drive from your Mac and all your other devices like iPhone, iPad, PC, Android device or from within OX App Suite itself.

- Access all your document, photos and videos from any device
- Automatically sync photos form your desktop to OX Drive
- Share photos, files and documents via link or invitation
- Share files to twitter, Facebook and other social sites
- Sync files to your desktop for editing
- Sync edited files back to your desktop
- Notification of file changes
- Share files and folders directly from the Mac Finder like in OX App Suite
- Create sharing links with expiration date and password
- Invite people to collaborate and set permissions
- Select the folders you want to sync on your Mac
- Sync public and shared folders
- Preview and edit office documents in OX App Suite

Please Note: In order to be able to use the Finder to open documents or share objects on a Mac OS workstation, you need to enable the Drive Finder Extension. See also Support-URL.

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