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What can be better than saving your personal data in folders? Well, the answer is a PDF document, which can not only save your files from being modified but also helps in preventing someone from opening them as well. This PDF converter will not let you just read/edit your Word or PDF files but will also convert them for you.

You can use the PDF converter for the following purposes:
Converting PowerPoint slides to PDF.
Adding watermark to your PDF documents will lessen the chances of modification.
Transforming JPG to PDF or PDF to JPG.
Locking PDF files to save someone from opening them in your absence.
You can edit the files according to your needs and export them in any of the above formats.
Zip your files for easy transfers over the internet especially if they are in a large volume.

The PDF converter is a necessity for MAC because it helps in creating, merging, and splitting PDF documents. You can zip the Portable document format and unzip it whenever needed also you can share the locked version of PDF file with someone important. The app supports JPG, Word, and PowerPoint files. You can use the files present on your device, or you can upload the files from a hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

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