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Namely PDF to Keynote Super is a useful tool designed to help you convert PDF to iWork Keynote with high quality. It does a perfect job in keeping the original PDF formatting and layout in the output iWork Keynote documents. The conversion can be finished automatically without any manual intervention. When necessary, users can choose to either convert an entire PDF file or selected page range(s) of a PDF file. In order to work more efficiently, users can also convert PDF files in batches. PDF to Keynote supports converting PDF files which are password protected, thus making it possible for users to access the contents of the PDF.

Converting PDF to iWork Keynote Documents Is Not Difficult
To make it as quickly as possible for users to convert PDF to Keynote documents on Mac, PDF to Keynote comes as a very simple application. After launching it, all users need is to add PDF file(s) and click Convert to begin the conversion process. No extra knowledge is needed. Even people who do not know much about computer skills can use it without any hassle.

Convert PDF to Keynote Accurately
PDF to Keynote recovers editable contents, including text and images from PDF files and organizes them into iWork Keynote documents with the original formatting and layout. After the conversion, users do not need to adjust the contents manually.

Convert a Batch of PDF Files or Selected Page Range(s) of a PDF File
To help users work more efficiently, PDF to Keynote offers users several options to convert PDF file(s) to Keynote. Users can either select to convert the entire PDF or manually select the page range(s) of the PDF file. As for batch conversion, users can upload up to 100 PDF files.

Convert Restricted PDFs
PDF to Keynote also supports password protected PDF files, making it possible for users to access the PDF contents. Let it be for copying, editing or printing. Open Password protected PDF files can also be converted directly. However, you’ll need to enter the password beforehand to decrypt it.

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