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PDF to Text Converter can freely convert PDF to Text and does not require Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Acrobat Reader. This PDF to TXT Converter is very easy to handle. Only two or three steps can you finish the whole PDF to Text conversion progress with high speed and good quality and storing the original text, layout, tables, images, etc.

- Convert PDF to Txt with fast speed and best quality, preserving the layout.
- Standalone Application, don't require Adobe Acrobat software.
- Supports batch and partial conversion.
- Freely define page range to be converted.


• Supports PDF to Text conversion
PDF to Text Converter enables you to convert PDF(Not scanned PDF and encrypted PDF) to Text format so as to edit PDF content in txt file or read your PDF content in many eBook Readers.

• Supports Batch and Partial conversion
Batch conversion: Convert multiple PDF documents at one time;
Partial conversion: Specify the PDF pages to be converted.

• Good Quality and High Compatibility
Text files converted by PDF to Text converter accurately retain the original page layouts from the PDF documents.

• Fast Extract Text from PDF
PDF to Text Converter can convert PDF to Txt in very short time. You can convert a 100-page PDF file within 1 minute.

• Easy to Use
PDF to Text Converter is a small and simple PDF conversion tool. Working with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you just need import PDF files (support drag-and-drop operation) and click the "Start" button to begin! Two or three simple steps help you convert PDF files to Text easily.

• Preview PDF Files
You can easily preview the PDF document page by page in the preview window.

• Independent Running
PDF to Text Converter works as a standalone converter, so you needn’t extra install Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software before converting PDF to Text.

PDF to Text Converter is an ideal choice for converting PDF to Text. Try this powerful PDF to Text Converter now and reuse your PDF content anytime and anywhere!


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