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Pdftool for Document Scanning

发行商: Zhiguang Han
价格: 7.99 USD


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Originally designed to streamline scanning books and magazines, such as detecting and suggesting possible line streaks due to paper dust on scanning surface. It is now expanded to handle regular document scanning as well.

Support document scanner with duplex mode and flatbed scanner. Currently tested with Epson scanners.

### Main Features

− Non-destructive processing. All adjustments (crop, rotate, filtering, etc) are done without changing original scan files. So different processing can be applied later without rescanning.

− Auto detect potential vertical lines in the scans due to paper dust on scanning surface, so the affected image can be examined and re-scanned if necessary after cleaning the scanning surface.

− Support parallel processing. Scan results can be reviewed immediately when they become available without interrupting scanning.

− Auto cropping based on page content to preserve as much page content as possible. (For black and white paper documents, please use fixed cropping.)

- Support manual crop if desired (Use keyboard shortcut key 'C' to switch to crop adjustment mode, hit 'A' key to apply the change or ESC key to cancel the change.)

- When reviewing scan result, press spacebar to go to next.

− Support out of order re-scanning. Delete the page or pages from scanned file list. Rescan the corresponding pages. New files will be put where they belong. Save time by avoid manual reordering.

− Support built-in command line tool. Type 'help' at the command prompt for details.

− Support keyboard shortcuts and Touch Bar when available.

### How to Use

− Select output directory to hold scanned files.

− Apply batch cropping and descreening to scanned file (for books or magazines in color). All tasks will be done in parallel to reduce processing time.

− Save to PDF.

For additional information, please visit


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