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Photo Slideshow Generator is an easy-to-use HTML5 photo slideshow creator.

Photo Slideshow Generator ia a simple and robust HTML5 Slideshow Maker.

With Photo Slideshow Generator , you can create a professional slideshow to your website without writing any HTML5 slideshow codes. The Photo Slideshow Generator can provide you the HTML5 slideshow codes for your HTML5 picture slideshow.

Full-screen web browser mode for presentations

All those tabs, buttons, and menus on your web browser take up a lot of screen real estate, particularly annoying when you are giving a presentation. With Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (OS X Lion only) you can hide all that junk in one fell swoop. In Firefox and Chrome, look in the View menu for "Enter Full Screen" (Firefox) or "Enter Presentation Mode" (Chrome). In Safari, click the diagonal arrows at the top right of your browser window. To see your menus again, move your mouse to the top of the screen.

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