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Photos Video Music Recovery is a professional music video photos recovery software, it only requires you to provide data loss Mac disk image file, external disk image file, SD card or USB drive image file, you can recover greatly limits due to deletion , format, re-partition, lost partition, virus infection, software crash, unexpected power failure or other unexplained missing multimedia data (including photos, videos, music).

Functions and characteristics:
● Support recovery of three types of files: image file (such as bmp\jpg\png\tif\tiff\gif, etc. ), video file (such as avi\wav\mp4, etc.), audio file (such as mp3, etc.);
● It's can save scan session information (* .ss);
● Recover data by loading and scanning session information file.
● Support the common storage medium image file scanning, such as hard disk image, removable disk image, SD card image, USB driver image, etc. .
● Supports up to 9 languages.

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