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Pitch Switch

发行商: Inspyder Software Inc.
价格: 39.99 USD


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If you've been searching for the perfect software to alter the pitch or the tempo of any song, then Pitch Switch is right for you.

Not only can you adjust the pitch or tempo (or both) of any song with extreme precision, but you can also save your changes as an MP3 and store them on your hard drive, iPhone or mobile device.

Best of all, you don't need to be an audio engineer to make it work. Just start Pitch Switch, open up a music file and press play.

Now you can easily adjust the tempo and/or pitch sliders to change the music any way you want in real time. Adjust the playback range sliders to select the whole song or any part that you want to repeat and press "loop" - perfect for practicing!

Like what you hear? You can also save the entire song or any portion of it for practice or performance. Now you can take it with you or share it with someone by burning it to a CD or saving it to your iPhone or mobile device.

Pitch Switch works with most music file types, comes with a bulk file converter and even a built-in karaoke feature that removes the vocals from most popular contemporary music recordings.

Pitch Switch is packed with all the features you could possibly need:

- Real time pitch and speed controls suitable for practice or live performance use
- Easy to use interface means you don't need to be an audio engineer to get results fast
- Adjust pitch +/- 12 semitones - now any song is in your vocal range
- Adjust speed +/- 50% - now you can master even the fastest, most complex passages
- Works with any length of song, from several seconds in length to an hour or more
- Save your version of the full or partial song to your computer, CD, USB or mobile phone
- Loop the entire song or whatever part you want
- Save your favorite songs at the perfect tempo or pitch that suits your voice
- Create your own karaoke tracks for practice or performance

With Pitch Switch there are no limits to what you can play.

- You can slow down a complex song to practice until you have it mastered
- You can speed a song up and put a new twist on an old classic
- Songs out of your vocal range can be brought down to earth with just a slide of a fader
- Transpose entire songs to a new key and save them in seconds

With Pitch Switch, no song will ever be out of your reach again.

Grab your copy of Pitch Switch and unlock your full musical potential today.


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