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Pixelmash 2021

发行商: Nevercenter Ltd. Co.
价格: 24.99 USD


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Pixelmash is a powerful new pixel art and sprite animation tool with some tricks up its sleeve to make quick work of many of the hardest parts of pixel art. You can either work either in a traditional pixel art workflow or you can paint or import high-resolution artwork and then non-destructively pixelate it, animate layers using transforms, and apply advanced layer effects to create stunning art in no time. Mix and match dynamically-pixelated hi-res layers with traditional hand-drawn pixel-by-pixel layers for incredible flexibility!

Some Really Cool Ways Pixelmash Makes Pixel Art Easier
- Create rigged characters using parented layers for easy character animation with keyframes.
- Combine easily-editable, non-destructive layer effects in endless ways.
- Create or load template files with layers and effects pre-set-up to easily create amazing art.
- Import high-res art, animate it with transforms, and use layer effects for outlines and other effects.
- Mix and match traditional pixel-perfect and dynamically-pixelated hi-res layers.
- Easily export assets at multiple resolutions when working with high-res underlying artwork.

More Highlights From Pixelmash's Fully-Featured Pixel Art & Sprite Animation Toolset
- Repeat Layer Effect
- Easy Color Management
- Onion Skinning
- Masked Brush Tool
- Pixel-Perfect Editing
- Reference Layers
- Dither Layer Effect
- Tiled Painting
- Mirroring Layer Effect
- Advanced Color Palettes
- Outline Layer Effect
- Autoshade Layer Effect
- Layers With Parenting
- Spritesheet Export For Game Engines
- Remap Colors Layer Effect


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