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Make any website your desktop wallpaper.

This enables you to have a highly dynamic desktop wallpaper. You could display your favorite news site, Facebook feed, or a random beautiful scenery photo. The use-cases are limitless. You could even set an animated GIF as wallpaper.

■ Features

- Show a remote or local website
- Interact with the website (“Browse Mode”)
- Automatically reload the website at a custom interval
- Show the website on a different display
- Invert website colors (fake dark mode)
- Add custom CSS to the website
- Lower the opacity
- Transparent background
If the website doesn't have a background color, your system wallpaper will show through.
- Automatically deactivate while on battery
- Audio is muted

Note: Support for multiple displays is currently limited to the ability to choose which display to show the website on. Support for setting a separate website for each display is planned.

■ Example use-cases

- Show a random puppy image
Example URL:
Replace the numbers with your screen resolution. Subtract 44 (or 22 for non-retina) on the height to account for the menu bar.
- Random street view image
- Calendar
- Personal stats

■ Tip

You can interact with the website by enabling “Browsing Mode”. When in this mode, you can right-click to be able to go back/forward, reload, and zoom in the page contents. You can also pinch to magnify. This is different from zooming the page contents in that it will zoom in to a specific part of the page instead of just enlarging everything.

If you have some cool use-case you want to share or some other feedback, please do send me an email through the “Send Feedback” button in the app.

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