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Poker Simulator

发行商: Thomas Schreiber
价格: 6.99 USD


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Poker Simulator

Learn, Play and Win !!!

Poker played on MAC has now reached a new standard of game play. Not only can you play poker on your own or in a LAN, you will also be taught how to improve your game and surprise your friends.

Here are the main product highlights:

High quality 3D display in all locations
16 different locations giving different atmospheres
4 different table sizes (2 – 10 players)
50 3D animated male and female characters
Include your own photo and name in the game (your part of the game)
4 levels of artificial intelligence (AI) from beginner to poker legend
3 types of opponent playing styles (passive, aggressive, variable)
Selectable dynamic or static cameras plus additional mini cam
Poker school for beginners (rules, types of hands etc.)
Jukebox – also allows you to add your own music (PC)
Coaching for advanced players (bluffing, odds, body language, seating position, tips etc.)
Optional luck factor (Handicap - helps you get better or worse opening cards)
Campaign - Western career mode (try to win the adventure story by playing your best)
7 tournament modes (6 qualification games in different locations and then the grand final)
4 mini poker games (also helps you to improve your game)
Poker tools and helpful statistics (out and pot odds, winning chance, counters, help etc.)
Poker lexicon (important definitions, A-Z, opening hands)
LAN network mode for 2 – 10 players on a table


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