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Since 2005, PrestoPhoto has been manufacturing photo books and shipping them around the world. In 2006, we began special support for Mac users who created books with Aperture, iPhoto and Photos by offering expanded book options and shipping locations.

With our 2.0 macOS App update, we've added a whole new way to create with integration into the Apple Photo's app, making it even easier to create and manage multiple photo book projects within Photos. Integrating familiar templates and unparalleled freedom of design, make photo books exactly how you want to, the skies the limit.

Other new additions include Dark Mode support for macOS 10.14+, new AI based photo placement and template selection to create the perfect page, Time Filter to search through your photos for that perfect moment, options to filter template designs based off of number of photos and other options, and a whole lot more.

We also offer our original PrestoPhoto Templates app functionality of creating photo books with native macOS Apps, giving you two ways to make the perfect photo book.

Some key PrestoPhoto features:

* Order over 200 book sizes, papers, and binding combinations
* Familiar templates and printing options so new books are the same as your existing books
* Order a single project multiple sizes and bindings
* Worldwide shipping including Europe (EU), Canada, and Australia for as little as $15 USD
* Our Bookstore marketplace enables you to sell projects for profit or fundraising

* Photo Essay
* Modern Lines
* Stock Book
* Picture Book
* Contemporary
* Gallery

Follow us @prestophoto on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for news and updates with PrestoPhoto and the app.

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