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Afanche 3DPrint is a professional level 3D model pre-processing tool for 3D printing. It can be used to visualize, convert, modify, measure, analyze 3D models before printing. Our modern design makes it very easy to use (there is practically no learning curve) and the app is super fast.

Main features of the software include:

Convert 3D files from many popular 3D formats to the formats supported by your 3D printer. The importing formats include: IGES, STEP, SketchUp, STL, OBJ, 3DS, VRML, DAE (Collada), DXF (Autodesk), PLY, NFF, Blend (Blender), SMD, Q3D, Q3S, MDL, MD2, MD3, MD5Mesh, CSM, ASE, B3D, OFF, AC, MS3D, RAW, ASC, CSV, PCD and UNV. The exporting formats include STL, OBJ, PLY, DXF, VRML and DAE.

Transform (translate, scale, rotate) 3D parts to reposition 3D model for better 3D printing.

Slice 3D model into multiple smaller parts to print much bigger 3D object than what 3D printer build volume allows. You can glue the smaller parts together after 3D printing to get huge 3D printed object.

Turn individual 3D parts on or off to control which part to be printed.

Measure distance, location, volume, area, length, radius, angle, thickness, boundary and many more

View models in 3D, spinning, panning, zooming in/out with perspective or orthographic projection

Sectioning view to see inside of the 3D model better

This software is product of Afanche Technologies, Inc. Afanche Technologies is a company specialized in 3D technologies. Afanche offers high quality low cost 3D tools on all popular platforms. For more information about other 3D tools offered by Afanche Technologies, please visit our website

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