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Profit OKR Software

发行商: Profit Focus LLC
价格: 免费


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Daily business often consists of tasks and routines that keep your business running. However you can't tell if they support the bigger picture. Your company's vision often is lost along the path due to the daily workload and the tendency to just get things done. Even though you don't want to admit it, usually you rather work harder and get things done, than wondering how well they are aligned to your company’s vision. Your managers and teams tend to concentrate on their own set of goals without questioning the alignment to your main company goals. There is no indicator to tell you if your team's efforts are pushing you towards the same north star that you are focusing on. Many times, you even wonder if your team even knew your company goals and visions.

Imagine that all your team members would know your company’s vision and the most important goals. How would your company and your performance change if all plans, goals and tasks would be aligned to the bigger picture? How would the employee feel if they were able to visualize the direct impact of their work to the greater purpose? How would your strategic decisions about your team's’ projects change if you could measure their effect on your macro goals?

Profit helps you to align the goals of your team with the vision of your executives. With OKR you will track the contribution and impact to your companies goals and stay focused on the most important key results to achieve them. Leverage providing greater meaning and purpose to your team through transparency and data. OKR will transform your team into an unstoppable force. You will quickly experience a shift from an output to an outcome based culture. Start focusing on results oriented execution instead of activities that just “need to be done“. You will increase your performance and achieve more with less effort. Ultimately you will change the way you communicate and implement strategies. OKR will enable you to focus and prioritize your team’s plans of execution by ensuring that the influence, and impact of your team’s objectives and key results are aligned to your vision.

Decide on where to focus your and your team’s attention
Ensure your OKRs are aligned with your employees
Watch OKRs that are important for you
Measure frequently
Make adjustments to help employees achieve their objectives
Celebrate achievement

Setup Objectives and Key Results
Link your OKRs to your manager’s OKRs
Review your team’s OKRs
Review how your OKRs are aligned with the rest of your organization OKRs
Watch OKRs that are important for you
Get a quick look at your team using a single score -- the Profit score
Get prompt reminders for updates
Plan and track your execution using a world class task management system


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