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PST Viewer

发行商: Enolsoft Co., Ltd.
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PST files (*.pst) are created and used by Microsoft® Windows based Outlook Application. Enolsoft PST Viewer not only a viewer help you to open and view .pst file without Outlook on the Mac computer, but also a exporter and converter let you export contacts, tasks, calendar out of Outlook PST file or convert your mails, contacts and calender events from PST files to common standard formats[!eml!].

Enolsoft PST Viewer as a PST File Viewer Can:
- Quickly open and view multiple .pst files on Mac.
- Full screen preview details of Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Drafts, etc.
- Compatible with both old and new versions of the .pst file (i.e., ANSI and Unicode).
- Can open and read all contents: inbox, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, drafts, etc. the PST file included.
- Can open a password protected .pst files without the password.
- Western European (ISO) encoding PST files supported.
- You could extract embedded pictures and file attachments from emails in the PST file.
- Directly print the content you need.
- PST Viewer works without Outlook on the computer.

Enolsoft PST Viewer as a PST file Exporter and Converter Can:
- Export contacts, tasks, calendar events from Outlook PST file to Apple Address Book and iCal directly.
- Convert your mails from Microsoft Outlook PST to eml format(.eml), which can be easily opened with or imported into programs like Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage.
- Convert your address book in Outlook PST file to standard vCard format(.vcf), which can easily import by system’s Address Book, Microsoft Entourage and other programs.
- Convert your calendar Events Outlook PST file to standard iCalander format(.ics).
- Simple and fast to use.
- Yes, it works with OS X Catalina(10.15)!

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