Publisher for Pages Design - for Graphic Greeting Card Maker

发行商: Husain Bengali
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Publisher for Pages Design is a very easy app for creating beautiful and meaningful celebration cards with your own photos! Send personal greeting cards, announcements, invitations, photo collages, holiday cards to friends, family and acquaintances

- graphic design editor for making greeting cards, photo frames,scrapbooks
- design work in progress can be saved in cloud storage
- design output can be saved electronically or print to actual cards with high resolution
- expandable digital content library for templates, wallpaper, clipart, mask
- allow publish your designs with other users as design templates

Product category
+ announcements
--- newborn baby
--- wedding

+ greetings
--- birthday
--- valentine
--- get well soon
--- for dad
--- for grandparents

+ invitations
--- birthday party
--- wedding party
--- picnic party
--- baby party
--- generic

+ photo frames
--- celebrate
--- photo grids
--- for baby
--- street boards
--- romantic
--- show face only

+ stationaries paper
--- flower
--- school
--- diary

+ calendars
--- generic
--- for kids
--- wallpaper

+ postcards
--- map

+ photo books
--- for kids

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