Pudding Splash: Line Blast

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Looking for a new, fun, enjoyable puzzle game?

Challenge your brain in matching the most amount of cute fruit puddings!
Always think of your best way to draw longest line to pop most puddings possible!

If you are into Match 3 Puzzle Games, you will love Pudding Splash.
Magic Booster Items are easy to earn and add more fun to Pudding Splash.

Pudding Splash is free to download.
Small application size leaves you worry-less of your mobile data.
You can play this game without being connected to the internet.


- Endless Challenge! No hearts or lives needed!
- Enormous amount of stages! You can play over 2500 levels without having to worry about lives.
- Cute graphics! Cute Fruit Puddings and Monsters are waiting for you!
- Various Challenges! Try different game modes and obstacles.

Pudding Splash is free to play but includes in-app purchase items and advertisements.

Play anywhere, anytime!

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