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Quick Audio Sonar gives information about frequency, phase and can correlate two different audio signal to measure audio delay. Quick Audio Sonar can be used to tune audio systems. For a quick start press the apply button. Then whistle and watch the graph detecting your whistle tone. If nothing is detected select another input or output device by pressing the DSP RX and DSP TX buttons respectivly. Then press apply again. By pressing AudioConfig a new window will pop up which allows selecting which input and output channels are correlated. By default the input channel left (INPUT-0) is correlated by itself. To measure delay select main input channel OUTPUT-0. Then Select WHITE NOISE for output channel 0. Notice the volume level might be high. Drag the noise level bar to the left to reduce the output level. A read peak in the bottom graph in the main window will indicate a strong correlation. Further the exact location of the peak in milliseconds is printed in the MAX= line.

Supported frequency range: 25Hz - 8kHz

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