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Quick Caption is your one-stop solution to transcribe video or audio clips, then automatically apply timecode throughout the transcription process, and generate SRT (Subtitle Rip Text), FCPXML (Final Cut Pro XML), ASS (Sub Station Alpha), or TXT (Plain Text) transcription files.

- Import any common video files for transcribing and captioning (.mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mpg)
- Import any common audio files for transcribing and captioning (.mp3, .m4a)
- Quick Caption displays the video metadata (framerate, duration and name) in the Style Editor

Quickly transcribe your video:
- Quick Caption automatically records the starting timestamp and ending timestamp for each caption entered, so that you don't have to manually set the timing
- Quick Caption automatically pauses the video or audio when you begin typing, while automatically resuming the video after you finish entering the current transcription and pressing the "return" key
- Quick Caption allows you to manually retime and trim existing captions by dragging on either end of a caption in the timeline
- Quick Caption allows you to manually correct transcription mistakes in the Caption Editor

Customize the appearance of subtitles:
- Customize the font family, style, size, shadow, and face color of subtitles in the Style Editor
- Customized appearance is visible in the preview and for FCPXML and ASS exports

- Export into .FCPXML format to re-import caption information back into Final Cut Pro X for round-trip workflows
- Export into .SRT format to distribute your created caption alongside with your video or through the web
- Export into .ASS format to use in conjunction with third party tools such as ffmpeg, mpv or IINA
- Export into .TXT format for a plain-text transcript

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