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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 7

发行商: Pablo Software Solutions
价格: 26.99 USD


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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 7 is an all-in one solution for creating responsive websites. It’s a visual (WYSIWYG, drag & drop) HTML generator, not an HTML editor. You do not have to write or edit HTML code but you can visually create your websites by using drag & drop. Place objects (Text, Lines, Images, Shapes, Slideshows, Galleries, Forms etc) anywhere on the page (pixel perfect layouts) or use layout grids/flexbox to create flexible layouts.

Note: Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 7.0 has more than 100 new features and improvements compared to version 6!
For a full list of all the new features please visit:

- Desktop Publishing for the Web! Create websites as easy as drag and drop.
- Responsive Web Design based on CSS3 media queries.
- Layout grid / flexbox / CSS grid to quickly create full screen, responsive and flexible layouts.
- CSS3 animations and transitions with support for transforms (skew, rotate, scale, translate etc)
- Predefined Blocks to quickly create website by dragging standard block to the workspace.
- Built-in support for CSS3 opacity, box-shadow, border-radius, gradients.
- Site Management. Easily add, edit, clone and structure your web pages from a single file.
- Easily create forms using the built-in Form Wizard or manually with a large selection of form tools
- Built-in PHP form processor (send email, upload file to a folder on the server).
- Built-in form validation (message box, info bubble, HTML5, Bootstrap and reCAPTCHA)
- Form conditions and calculations
- Advanced graphics tools like shapes, rotation, shadows, reflection and more than 50 other image effects.
- Style manager for global styling (CSS)
- Gradient Manager, create awesome multi-color gradient effects!
- Publish to local drive or a FTP/SecureFTP server using the build-in FTP manager.
- Built-in Slide Shows, Responsive Photo Galleries, Lightboxes, Rollover images, Logos etc.
- Sitemap generator.
- Supports JavaScript events with (optional) jQuery animations!
- PayPal eCommerce Tools.
- Login tools, page authentication
- jQuery UI/Bootstrap widgets: Accordion, Tabs, Dialog, Datepicker, Tooltips, Wizard, Cards etc
- Built-in jQuery UI Theme designer
- @font-face support / Google Fonts manager
- Structured data/rich snippets (
- Carousel
- Font Awesome, Material icons or custom icon fonts.
- Scroll Transitions
- Full Page Layouts
- Parallax background
- Many navigation tools available: Navigation bars, tab menus, dropdown menus, slidemenus, breadcrumb, pagination, affix and scrollspy.
- More than 50 ready-to-use JavaScripts (galleries, text effects, social media etc.)
- Template support. Already more than 200 templates available!
- Support for YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video/Audio and many other video formats.
- Add external scripts and other code with the HTML object.
- Timers, to make your website more dynamic. For example: show or hide an object after x milliseconds.
- and much more!

Can you please not use the review section of the Mac App Store for bug reports.
If you need assistance then please you use the support forum or contact form on the website. 
Reported problems will be fixed as soon as possible.


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