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Use Quick Renamer to batch rename files, free your hands and save time. You no longer need to do boring and monotonous manual operations, just select the folder or drag it to the Quick Renamer. According to the rules you specify, even if there are thousands of files, the Quick Renamer only takes a few seconds to help you get all of them.

# Flexible
Freely configurable function module. There are a lot of built-in modules to choose, we call them collectively as filters, such as: find replacement, sort, number, date, filter. And you can drag and drop to change their order, easy to build your own processing logic.

# Simple
Stay focused at all times. With many processing modules, you don't need to worry that this can lead to messy interfaces, because you only need to select the modules you want and then add them to the processing flow. We always strive to maintain a simple interface while adding functionality.

# Safe
Preview result is always available. We are very clear that your data are very important to you. To avoid unnecessary accident, you can preview the results of the renaming at any time. Don not afraid of clicking on the preview button, as it will not affect your real files. After your confirmation, click the execute button to rename the file in batch.

# Friendly
Easy to observe change. We will arrange the file names before and after the renaming, make the new one below the old one. You can easily compare and see changes of each file. No matter how subtle the change is, even a single character change can be found.

# Possibilities
Support javaScript script. To meet a wider range of needs, you can write script with JavaScript to rename your files. This is an advanced feature, and if you are eager for more freedom, then you have to try this feature.

Thank you for using Quick Renamer. If you have any issues, please let us know. We will continue to make improvements, and more features will be updated.

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