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Quiz Creator - Take, Share and Publish Quizzes

发行商: QuizPedia
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If you like quizzes, competitions and knowledge games ... then you have found your new home!

Quizpedia is a new fast growing online community for people that like to:

• Create quizzes
• Take quizzes
• Compete on knowledge
•• Exchange quizzes
•• Challenge friends

With this app you literally get a hands on experience when creating your own quiz. Try zooming and rotating pictures, scaling and moving text, changing colors, adding questions and sound. With QuizPedia you create beautiful and rich quizzes within minutes ... Never was making a quiz that fun!

If you just like to take quizzes this app is definitely something for you.
Whether you like music quizzes, quizzes about cars, space, grammar, shoes or just common knowledge, you can trust us to provide you with beautiful, entertaining and personal quizzes.

We already have thousands of quizzes, and new quizzes are added daily.
Sign up and get notified whenever there is a new quiz ready, from your favorite quiz author, or in your favorite subject!

Publish a quiz about anything you can think of and share it with the world. It has never been easier. Just make a quiz, and get it out there!

• • Share on facebook or twitter
• • Share via SMS or mail
• • Copy and paste to embed quizzes on websites
• • Battle with friends
• • Publish to the QuizPedia community

It is absolutely FREE - NO In app purchases - NO in app advertisement - Just plain and simple FREE
Are you still reading ... Why? - Just DOWNLOAD QuizPedia, and start Quizzing NOW!

Ready to create your first quiz and post it online? More than 10.000.000 questions have already been answered. Should yours be the next?

What are people saying about QuizPedia?
QuizPedia is a great new opportunity to get closer to, engage and learn more about specific target groups whether it is for a small or a wide audience, for a specific digital platform or for a TV show.
@Tina Hueg - Commercial Director, Strix Denmark

Looks great, Can’t wait to send my friends a challenging quiz.
@Andreas Larsen, Copenhagen

Easy to customize It is super easy to make a quiz. You can change colors, add pictures, text and sound.
@RomanSergey, London

Nice template! It’s practical and there are no gimmicks. Very easy to customize as well!
@thysthys, Copenhagen

Thank you for making my life easier and saving me time! I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends. :)
@DobriyanaT, London

Thanks, great tool to make tailor made content on cell phones. Our visitors do already use their cell phones to take pictures, now we can engage with them as well.
@Zoo, AK


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