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Barcode Scanner and Stopwatch Reader for parkrun

Scanner & Stopwatch is a Free Mac App to read parkrun results from the Opticon OPN-2001 Barcode Scanner and JunSD JS-9006P Stopwatch, suitable for results processing in parkrun WebFMS.

Note: This is not an official parkrun App. I am an Event Director in New Zealand, and I have written this so Results Processors can process results on Mac computers.

In order to read the data from the Stopwatch, you will also need to install the PL2303 driver from Prolific (

Barcode Scanner - Simply connect the barcode scanner and the App will create the barcode scanner results file from the scanner. If you forgot to clear the scanner between events, you will get two files, one for each week.

Stopwatch - Connect the stopwatch, and follow the instructions on the screen to upload results to the computer, and the App will create the stopwatch results file.

The App stores your results files in Downloads/parkrun Results.

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