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Beautify you pictures with Reflection. Reflection is a simple to use application that is sure to be a useful tool for any graphics artist, developer or the average consumer.

Simply put, Reflection takes an image and applies a reflection affect to it, plain and simple but it doesn't stop there. See below for the features that make this a must have tool to add to your image toolbox.

- Drag & Drop to easily import your image
- Size Adjustment for quickly resizing your image
- Reflection Length adjustment to specify how much of the image you want to reflect
- Reflection Gap Adjustment to specify the amount of gap you want between your original and the reflection
- Reflection Opacity Adjustment to specify the opacity of the reflection.
- Perspective Adjustment to easily add some perspective to your image.
- Elevation Adjustment to easily add some elevation to your image.
- Background Preview Color Picker so you can quickly see what your resulting image will look like against any background
- Export as 1 image. When you save your image with the reflection it saves as a single image.

Reflections are a great way to make any image look more professional and is great for showcasing your work.

Supports PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG and many other file formats.

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