SeaTurtle - Coding for Kids

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SeaTurtle is a simple and fun programming language to teach young people the fundamentals of coding. Aspiring programmers will learn the fundamentals of variables, loops, subroutines, and if-statements while guiding a turtle around the screen to draw pictures. SeaTurtle is reminiscent of the popular educational programming languages of the 1980s like Logo and BASIC.

SeaTurtle features:
- Simple, English-like syntax
- Stripped down feature-set that makes programming approachable
- Easy graphical output
- Bundled example programs, video tutorials, and written language guide
- A full integrated learning environment including a program stepper, syntax highlighting, and variable tracking window

SeaTurtle is fun and easy to pick-up. It's a gateway to pique an interest in coding and a stepping-stone to more advanced languages like Python and Java. What's the coolest drawing you can create?

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