Secret Spy Cam

发行商: Hoi Yan Mak
价格: 2.99 USD


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Secret Spy Cam is the perfect surveillance tool for your Mac. Download this app for your home or office if you are worried about theft, unauthorised access or simply want to check up on things.

In addition, Secret Spy Cam enables you to leave your child in the hands of a babysitter without constantly worrying about what may happen. It can also be set up in your elderly parents' home or elder care facility to ensure that they aren't being robbed, neglected, or abused. Just simply configure the recording preferences you desire and hide the app in the background. If you have a dropbox account, simply save your recorded videos to the Dropbox folder and get real time access to footage, for the protection of your friends and family, anywhere and anytime.

Some other common uses of Secret Spy Cam:

* Worried about your pets whilst on vacation and want to check up on them?
* Suspicious about theft at home but do not want to alarm anyone yet?
* Want to ensure that work employees are working whilst you are away?


* Records videos automatically with the option to record based on (motion detection)
* Program is password protected to prevent unauthorised access to the program
* Easy to setup, just select the desired recording interval, clip length and video quality
* SMART video compression technology, comparable to MPEG-4, DivX, and H.264
* Easy configuration, does not affect other auto-launch apps running in the background
* Save your videos to your Dropbox folder for instant viewing, anytime, anywhere

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