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The Simple Genius brand means fresh design thinking for practical project management apps. Designed and refined by a veteran Project and Program Manager, the SG apps address real-world needs for managers. And with over 100,000 apps sold in 100 countries, SG is proven and trusted on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

SG Project Sketcher is the quick way to sketch out your projects using the two most common approaches: text-based outlining, and graphical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

As a member of the Simple Genius project management suite, Sketcher is your starting point for shaping your projects during early stages. As the project gets serious, the project sketch can easily be imported into SG Project Pro for full management during the project execution. Or use Sketcher to create outlines or diagrams to be used in parallel with your project plan.

Sketcher's Outline view supports rapid creation of a hierarchy of tasks, deliverables, activities, requirements, or whatever you use to think about your projects.

The Chart view can be used in parallel with the Outline view as both views always show the same project information. The Chart view is an editable, graphical visualization of your project and provides a different view of your project that can be helpful as the project takes shape.

Sketcher has fields for labor cost, material cost, and total cost for each element in the project and automatically adds the costs up the element hierarchy, making it easy to sketch out your project costs or create a quote.

Like the other Simple Genius Apps, Sketcher can import and export projects in XML, SGP, and PDF format, as well as CSV format that can be imported into a wide variety of other apps.

Quick, fun, beautiful, practical, and fresh. SG Project Sketcher.


• Rapidly sketch out projects using a text outline
• Switch to a fully editable graphical WBS-style view
• Import plans from other SG apps to see a graphical view
• Export Sketcher projects in SGP format and import into SG Project Pro
• Build project quotes with labor and material costs
• Share your projects in SGP, XML, and PDF formats quickly from the Share button
• Email a PDF outline, quote, or chart to stakeholders or clients quickly from within the app
• Share project files with all other SG apps on iPad, Mac and iPhone
• Use built-in SG Sync with your Dropbox account

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