Shapes for Pixelmator

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*** Limited-time offer: 50% OFF until December 23! ***

***Limited-time offer: 50% OFF until September 15!***

500 impressive, funny and playful Shapes for Pixelmator

Shapes are for everyone. They could be great assistants for an experienced designer or for a starter. Adding the shapes to the picture is really simple. Choose from a pallet and use multiple tones to give a modern and contemporary feel.

Shapes can be used as elements for text decorations, advertisements and flyers. Wedding events, birthday greetings, postcards or party invitations can be adorned and made more memorable.

The shapes work as vectors. Their size is unlimited and they can be used with the highest quality photos, large prints, posters or websites.

Your homemade honey should have a sweet logo on the tasty stylish label!

Pixelmator app is necessary for using the shapes.

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