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Frequent note-taking requires a fast note-taking app. A convenient one. With the interface simple as possible. SideNotes is designed to take notes really quickly. To catch your buzzing thoughts. The ones that fade away in no time.

What makes SideNotes different? It keeps your notes on the side of your monitor. Appears when you move your cursor to the side of your screen. And auto-hides.
Note down - move on. It can’t be any simpler.

SideNotes shows you several notes at once. Just scroll to see the rest of them in a folder.

It’s also excellent for momentary notes: phone number, brilliant idea, an important screenshot. Place them in SideNotes for now. Then move them to your writing app or task manager. Or just let them stay at your fingertips in SideNotes.

Its slim window gives you enough space for convenient writing. At the same time it’s small enough not to distract you from your main workflow. You can make your notes stand out by adding color stripes.

It’s a cozy place for your: ideas, inspirational quotes, pictures, fragments of code, phone numbers, links, vocabulary, recipes. Anything that needs to be written down immediately.

SideNotes was designed for those who love to keep their countless notes handy and organised.

With SideNotes you can:
- smoothly pull out your notes from outside your monitor and easily hide them back
- mark notes with colors and group them into folders
- drag and drop pictures directly from your web browser
- save links, code snippets or even colors
- create task lists and mark items done
- create notes directly from the pasteboard
- drop text files or pictures, so they will be added as new notes
- drop any other files and application will keep shortcut to them with a nice preview
- search for any notes or folders
- use 3 text formatting modes: Markdown, Plain Text and Code.


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