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Sight Words 1 Pro

发行商: Reading Doctor Pty Ltd
价格: 15.99 USD


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Sight Words 1 Pro helps you to teach students who are learning to read and spell to automatically recognise and understand the 200 most common words in English.

Sight Words 1 Pro uses a unique, highly effective teaching method to improve word recognition, reading fluency and vocabulary knowledge. It was developed by Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD, a speech-language pathologist specialising in reading difficulties.

- Requires OSX 10.7 (Lion) or higher
- Although students love using it, Sight Words 1 Pro is not just a game - it is a powerful and fully customisable teaching tool. Please take some time to experiment with it yourself before trying it with students!

The past several decades of research have provided conclusive evidence that competent readers are skilled in using letter-sound knowledge to work out (decode) unfamiliar words when reading. Teaching methods that begin by teaching students letter-sound relationships (synthetic phonics methods) are known to be superior to other approaches in teaching reading, regardless of whether students do or do not have reading difficulties. Decoding skills are crucial for self-teaching, as they may be used to work out regular words (words with regular sound-spelling patterns, such as ‘stop’ and ‘flight’) however they are not as useful for learning the approximately 20% of English words with irregular spellings (words such as ‘who’ and ‘said’).

Research suggests that in addition to being taught to decode, students should be explicitly taught to recognise common words, especially those with irregular spellings. Learning to instantly recognise highly frequent words helps students to develop fluency in reading. Sight Words 1 Pro uses a patent pending, self-adjusting, multisensory teaching method to teach beginning and struggling readers to rapidly, automatically and accurately recognise the most common sight words in English.

Whether you are a teacher, parent or reading specialist, we are confident that Sight Words 1 Pro will quickly become a favourite teaching tool. For more information about the program, please see

Please note: teaching students sight words before they have learnt basic decoding skills is NOT recommended, and not supported by research! Teaching sight words should be a complementary strategy to assist the development of fluency as part of a systematic, phonics based method of reading instruction.

If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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